LTG Patrick O'Reilly

LTG Patrick O’Reilly Leadership Accomplishments

General Patrick O’Reilly applied his leadership to achieve significant successes for U.S. national security. LTG Patrick O’Reilly repeatedly led organizations that overcame significant challenges.

After seven consecutive failures prior to his arrival, Patrick O’Reilly led the revitalization of the $1 billion a year Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) program. As the THAAD Project Manager, General Patrick O’Reilly oversaw the redesign and verification of the system, which ultimately achieved 14 successive flight test successes.

As the US Army Program Executive Officer for Combat Support and Combat Service Support programs, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly led 3,000 employees, with an annual budget of $4 billion, manage a development portfolio including all Army vehicles, construction engineer equipment, and life support equipment. In response to the sudden advent of the Improvised Explosive Device threat, General O’Reilly led the unprecedented rapid armoring of 40,000 vehicles in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Subsequently, Patrick O’Reilly became the Program Manager of the Ground Based Midcourse Defense Program, where he led 2,000 people in a $3 billion a year missile system development project to provide defense of the United States against Ballistic Missiles. Despite repeated consecutive flight test failures prior to his arrival, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly demonstrated outstanding leadership as his program accomplished a successive series of flight test and deployment successes.

In 2008, LTG Patrick O’Reilly was nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate as Director, of the Missile Defense Agency. As Director, General O’Reilly led an 8,000-person, $8 billion a year, globally deployed Department of Defense agency. In 2011, based on the Agency’s success under his leadership, LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly was asked to extend as the Director for an additional year. Today, Patrick O’Reilly is a consultant and he continues to apply his leadership and experience to mentor young leaders and managers.